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Our founder - Conscious Hearts

Our Founder

Amédée, President and Founder of Conscious Hearts
 Each of us can contribute something to better the world !
“I am convinced that the world can positively change if each of us puts significance on human values such as solidarity. It is not necessary to do something major, but we must do something. Making a donation for Conscious Hearts is an act of solidarity that counts. Be certain that there is no humane gesture which is insignificant. Yes, each of us can contribute to make this world better”

Our non profit organization, Conscious Hearts, was founded in January 2006 in Paris by Amédée Louis-Fernand and Brenda GUIDI, after 7 years of working, studying and traveling in Africa, India and Madagascar.

The satellite office of Diego Suarez in Madagascar was established in July 2006, and Conscious Hearts Association began in February 2007.