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Our work

Provide assistance and durable solutions

for the child and his family

The main objective of the association is to allow children to get access to an education based on the human values ​​of peace, respect, tolerance and solidarity. But because a sick, malnourished or abused child can not study in good conditions, we developed a humanitarian aid in 5 areas:

Access to education


Promoting children’s access to education is the primary goal of Conscious Hearts. The association supports the costs of children’s schooling including registration for the school year, monthly fees and school supplies.

Social support 

Accompagnement social

The social team of Conscious Hearts in Diego Suarez serves needy families every day to cater to their needs. In addition, it organizes awareness workshops and various trainings for families.

access to Health care


Conscious Hearts is committed to improving access to the health of the poorest acting on three complementary areas: awareness programs, disease prevention and access to care. The Nutrition and Health fund ensures the medical, dental and nutritional monitoring support families and provide care to the poor.

Fight against malnutrition 


Conscious Hearts has developed its activities in the fight against malnutrition with: the distribution of snacks with high nutritional values , distribution of food allocations for families, assistance provided to people with severe malnutrition (program Nutrimad program), the implementation of awareness workshops and training for a balanced diet …

Child protection services

Protection enfant

As a member of the Network of Child Protection in Madagascar and in partnership with UNICEF we have developed a device for children in danger. The device is composed of a temporary Children’s House (MOFA: Home Orientation Host Families), and a network of host families we train.

Through our intervention children receive care and follow-up (nutrition, health, psychological) before being reintegrated into their families (where possible) or in host families the time to be conducted a social survey.

Key figures

18 000 dental examinations since 2009

3 000 peoples receiving our social assistance

1 000 medical interventions on average, per year

730  sponsored childs