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Vidéo – Children in Madagascar dancing zumba !

Marlene began sponsoring a child 7 years ago at Conscious Hearts and her dream has come true : to organize Zumba classes for the children of Diego Suarez! With her friend Richard, they taught several Zumba classes in different sectors of he town and finished with all of the 700 sponsored children. Unforgettable moments for […]

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Richard’s Interview, a Humanitarian Zumba Project

  Why did you accept to follow Marlène Zumba’s project ? I’ve been all around the world and visited many countries. This was my first trip to Africa. Like many Canadians, I’ve heard about, researched and imagined what life is like in a third world country but didn’t have a purpose to go and visit. Marlene’s idea to go and give Zumba classes for the kids was brilliant because we could explore a new world, while sharing something we love with a newcommunity. It was amazing to see how something so simple could create such an impact.  This was truly the voyage of a lifetime. Returning to my home […]

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